Executive Director

Campus Ministry of Rio Grande Valley
123 N. Sugar Rd
Edinburg TX.

United Methodist Campus Ministry of the Rio Grande Valley is seeking a Executive Director.  United Methodist Campus Ministry of the Rio Grande Valley serves as an ecumenical Christ-centered organization at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and South Texas College. The ministry is an active participant in social issues through education, actions and service projects. As a Christian organization, our goal is to provide guidance to all people by helping them grow spiritually and by serving as an organization that encourages fellowship and support. The ministry will strive to create an environment which enables students' growth and development and encourages educational persistence and academic achievement, assisting students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their personal abilities and vocational goals.
Please send Letter of Intent and Resumes to J.J. Wicke at jj@fumcharlingen.org
Click on Link for Job Description:
united_methodist_campus_ministry_of_the_rio_grande_valley.pdf (https://leadershipvitality.wufoo.com/cabinet/ejEwbjR0bW8xNnlmNnZs/9HMiXodRN8Y%3D/united_methodist_campus_ministry_of_the_rio_grande_valley.pdf)