Youth Director

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church 12411 Templeton Trail Farmers Branch TX is seeking a Youth Director
Position: Part-time, 20 hours per week
Reports to: Pastor of Chapel Hill UMC

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Regularly attend worship service, teach Sunday school, and church functions when not in conflict with youth scheduled events.
• Promote scheduled youth events by text message, website, church announcements, mail outs, bulletin boards, word of mouth, and social media. 
• Regularly send out emails to parents and text messages to youth with information about what is coming up. 
• Provide attendance report of youth for Sunday school, UMYF, and youth events collected for District, Conference, COM, or as required. 
• Support the youth by attending functions outside of church (e.g. sporting events, recitals, performances, etc.) Stay on top of youth schedules and make note of any events they might mention to you. 
• Organize, plan, implement and lead a yearly mission trip with the youth as well as quarterly activities with the youth that will help them grow spiritually. 
• Insure that all youth ministry volunteers complete interview, background check and training before direct involvement. Keep youth safe. 
• Oversee youth budget and youth designated funds account working with the Youth Council and Finance Committee. 
• Schedule Youth Council meetings. 
• Any other needed work as required or to fulfill the responsibility of the Youth director. 

Grow in Understanding
• Research, purchase, and/or create curriculum pertinent to the spiritual needs of the group. 
• Be able to recognize how the cognitive and spiritual needs differ between middle school and high school students. Recognize the developmental differences between the two age groups and be able to cater to both. 
• Provide an opportunity for all youth to go through confirmation before they complete middle school. 
• Stay on top of annual events and regularly review them to make sure they are fulfilling their purposes. 

Connecting to Others
• Know what is going on in the lives of youth and their families, and be able to provide Pastoral Care when needed by making hospital/home visits and following up with families in their times of need. Inform the pastor when youth family needs care and support.
• Be available to youth. Do everything you can to make the youth feel that you care for them, they can trust you, and that you can provide them with adequate emotional support. 
• Manage or oversee youth website administration including up-to-date announcements or information. 
• Contact inactive youth, or one of their parents, to share the Love of Christ. 

Education and/or Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree completed or in progress
• Experience in youth ministry and interacting with and/or teaching youth from grades six through twelve
• Current in youth culture
• Understanding of Methodist theology and traditions
• Theological education/training preferred
• Certified in Youth Ministry by Perkins School of Youth Ministry (or similar program) preferred
• Diversity training or experience working with families with a wide range of races, ethnicities, financial statuses, and traditions. 
• Strong Biblical knowledge and experience in teaching/leading Bible Studies and/or Sunday School
• Training and/or experience in organizing events

• Proficient in basic Microsoft programs
• Skill in media communications (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) 
• Demonstrates good organizational skills with attention to detail
• Experience working with a budget
• Excellent communication skills in person, on the phone, and electronic communications
• Willingness to work and communicate cooperatively with parents, staff, and lay leaders

Personal Qualities
• Understand and be able to cater to the church’s purpose, vision, and overall ministry
• Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, seeking to know, love, and serve God. 
• Exemplify the church’s values and uphold a lifestyle that will set a good example for youth and families. 
• Basic understanding and sensitivity of LGBT+ issues and an ability to work with LGBT+ youth
• A servant’s heart
• Respects the authority of the church at the local level and beyond

To apply, please send your resume to Pastor Elzie Odom, Jr. at