Child Care Assistant

Child Care Assistant
Purpose: To create a safe and spiritually engaging environment for children at Canyon Lake UMC through aid to existing child care positions and development of new Children’s Church program.

Job Description: The Sunday morning children’s assistant job will be a multi-functional position that’s key purpose will be to aid flexibly with our currently running children’s programs as well as aid with our Children’s Church program. The expectation of the new Sunday morning children’s assistant will be to work alongside the children’s director, nursery staff, and Sunday school volunteers to create a safe and spiritually engaging environment where kids grow in their relationship with Christ during all Sunday morning programs.

Canyon Lake UMC offers two services, a contemporary service at 9:30 and a traditional service at 10:50. Currently children’s Sunday school takes place during the 9:30 service. Canyon Lake UMC intends to create a “Children’s Church” program to be held during the 10:50 service. The Sunday morning childcare assistant position will be expected to aid during both services in the following ways:
A. 9:30 Contemporary Service:
a. Fill in nursery should there not be two (2) nursery staff available.
i. Ages 0-4
b. If nursery staff is full, assistant will help Children’s Sunday School volunteers in whatever way they need
i. Pre-K-5th grade
B. 10:50 Traditional Service
a. Children’s Church Assistant
i. Aid Children’s Director in leading children’s church
ii. Pre-K-4th grade

• Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and basic understanding of the gospel and Salvation
• Experience in caring for children between ages of 0 and 11 with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities
• At least 18 years of age
• Satisfactory completion of background check and Rio Texas Conference United Methodist Church safety certification process through Safe Gathering
• CPR training is preferred by not required upon application
• Must adhere to the Canyon Lake United Methodist Child Protection Policy guidelines
• Must provide a resume and three reference and complete interview with Children’s Ministry Director and other committee members

Expectations and Responsibilities
• Sunday mornings 9:00am until around 12:00pm (once all children are picked up and spaces cleaned). You will be expected to work all Sundays even if they fall on a holiday. Optional church events will be made available including Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and other non-Sunday service held at the church. All non-Sunday opportunities will be announced at least 4 week prior to those events.
• Reliable communication via phone between applicant and Children’s Director in case of absence
o Two (2) weeks given for a planned absence
o At least 24 hours’ notice for unplanned (i.e. sickness, emergency)
• Will complete an evaluation with the children’s ministry director after a 90-day probationary period
• Meet with children’s director on an agreed upon basis to discuss how we may make programs more effective and stronger for the future
• Report to Nursery Coordinator or Children’s Director any issues which are hindering the carry out of duties or responsibilities
• Care for children may in include but is not limited to
o Feeding
o Changing diapers
o Bathroom
o Maintain safe environment
o Comforting anxious children
o Straightening room and cleaning toys
o Cheerfully interaction through:
♣ Games
Bible Lessons
• Children’s Church Responsibilities
o Aid in classroom during teaching children pre-K- 4th grade
o Work, coordinate, and communicate with any volunteers/staff assigned to work with you
o Keep Children’s Church space and toys clean and organized
o Meet and plan with children’s ministry director on efficiency of Children’s Church program and how we can continue to create a strong program
• Be polite, friendly, and courteous when dealing with children, parents, and volunteers

Termination policy:
• There will be a 90-day probationary person where either party may terminate employment without cause. Beyond this a two-week notice is expected.

Cause for Termination:
Dependability and communication are vital
Two (2) warnings will be given upon failure to uphold communication and commitment expectations
1st “no show” with no communication = Verbal Warning
2nd “no show” with no communication = Written warning and Evaluation with Children’s Director
3rd “no show” with no communication = termination
Two (2) warnings will be given on late notice of absence or tardiness
1st late notice/Tardy = verbal warning
2nd late notice/Tardy = written warning
3rd late notice/Tardy = evaluation with Children’s Director
Failure to uphold standards of Canyon Lake UMC Child Safety Policy will result in immediate means for evaluation and/or termination
Allegations of abuse of any nature
Reckless, careless, or intentional actions that go against Child Safety Policy precautions

Please submit a personal resume and three reference to the Director of Children’s Ministry via email: