Reflections on CMN Conference by Rev. Dr. Robert Lopez

I just attended the first annual CMN conference in Dallas this past week and I got a word from God! CMN [Church Multiplication Network] is the Assembly of God church planting network.  Since 2008, CMN has helped launch 3400 plus churches and trained over 7500 planters. The worship was intense and the speakers were inspirational! 

Many spoke in faith language slightly different from what I was used to but I enjoyed it. In that spirit, I got a word from God. And God said, "Robert, you all don't know everything!" 

It felt like an encouraging word but also a challenging one. It was a reminder that sometimes it is good to take a posture of listening and learning; a reminder that sometimes we need to stop and realize that God operates beyond our Methodist world. Sometimes we need to acknowledge that there are some places we need to go where only God can show us and take us!

robert 1.jpeg

It was great to have a group of Rio Texas Clergy at CMN. This network has amazing fruit in planting Hispanic churches. Pastor Danny de Leon at Templo Calvario in Santa Ana, CA is one of the largest bilingual congregations in the country.


I am writing this testimony to encourage us to intentionally seek new places, new peoples, and new ways. There are some things God is asking us to do that we do not know how to do yet. It is a good thing to acknowledge that adaptive work and begin a journey towards something new! 

I got a word, "Robert, you all don't know everything." I am grateful for such a word. Keep talking Lord! 

Written by District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Robert Lopez