Capital District ERT Teams Assist with Flood Recovery

Dripping Springs umc Certified Lay Minister linda snow

Dripping Springs umc Certified Lay Minister linda snow

Members and friends of First UMC, Austin; including Rev. Taylor Fuerst and Rev. Cathy Stone; assisted as Early Responders in Kingsland with Rio Texas Disaster Response. 

Members of the Dripping Springs UMC response team, including recently Certified Lay Minister Linda Snow, spent a day in Horseshoe Bay mucking and gutting homes as a part of the recovery efforts.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard in 2017. We are still—and will be for a long time—helping survivors recover. Then came flooding in the valley, after that came Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, Hurricane Michael in Florida and just recently the Hill Country Flooding. 

So many people need our help and our love. If you would like to help these folks, consider signing up for the January 12th ERT (Early Response Team) training at Dripping Springs UMC.
Go to to register. 

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