Project Transformation 2016 Video

Project Transformation aims to promote literacy to low-income youth by using college-aged interns to teach literacy, health and nutrition and arts and crafts programming at a local United Methodist Church. The interns, in turn, will be exposed to many different types of church ministry. 70 percent of Project Transformation college interns come back to work in some sort of church ministry. Project Transformation provides local church sites the opportunity to engage with their nearby communities and families in an innovative way. Children who have participated in Project Transformation elsewhere have seen a 96% improved or maintained reading level. To learn more, please visit or .You can follow Project Transformation Rio Texas on Twitter @ProjTranRioTX.

Project Transformation–Rio Texas is a program with three focus points, the three C’s: College-aged students, Church and Children. Project Transformation, a program birthed from the Greater Dallas area in 1998, aims to promote literacy by trying to solve three problems:
1. How to meet the academic, physical, and spiritual needs of children from low-income communities.
2. How to provide meaningful ways for college students to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young adult leaders for the church and the world.
3. How to help revitalize struggling urban churches.

Special thank you to First United Methodist Church, Boerne; Laurel Heights United Methodist Church, San Antonio; and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, San Antonio.

All Rights Reserved. Produced by the Rio Texas Media Center. United Methodist Church. August 2016.