New Faith Community Distributes Ashes in Unique Way

Rio Texas New Faith Community Cimarron Praise, located on the North East side of San Antonio, distributed ashes to bus stations, a veterinary clinic, and a diner on Feb. 10. They called the event ‘Ashes To Go.'

They first stopped at a couple of VIA Metropolitan Transit Bus Stops and distributed ashes to people waiting for the bus. The church recognized that those individuals riding the bus may not be able to participate in Ash Wednesday services. They also knew that the homeless frequented that particular stop.

Later, the church went to a local veterinary clinic where they blessed some more community members. They worked with Dr. Clint Powell, DVM of Acorn Animal Hospital to promote the event at the office.

They ended their outreach at a nearby restaurant where they blessed their waitress because the pastor found out that she was too busy to attend a service.

“We wanted people in our area to be reminded that God is with us and them all the time and not just when we are in church.  ‘Ashes to Go’ is about bringing Jesus, love, grace and belonging from behind church doors,” said Rev. Dawn Baird. “It’s about bringing the church into the places where we go every day because as a new church start, we believe the church has to step outside the comfort of the building and be in places where the rubber meets the road."

In addition to ashes, the Cimarron Praise gave out “Lent in a Bag” kits to help individuals who want to walk with Christ this Lenten season.

Rev. Baird also received a thankful e-mail later that evening that read: “Thank you for serving our community and providing ashes throughout the day at the bus stop.  I stopped by with my father-in-law who had just had eye surgery and he was so glad he was able to get ashes while sitting in our car.  Thank you also for the Lent in a Bag that you gave us.  I am going to use it to teach others in my family about Lent and what Jesus did for us.  Bless you.”            

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