More Information About Membership to Discipleship Coaching

Rio Texas clergy met with Dr. Phil Maynard and his EMC3 Team on Oct. 6-7 to learn how to be effective coaches for congregations implementing the program. These coaches will be able to meet with and discuss the results individuals receive in the Membership to Discipleship survey. You can take the Membership to Discipleship survey on the Congregational Vitality webpage. 

Dr. Phil Maynard has spent the last month traveling across the Rio Texas Conference. In partnership with the Congregational Vitality Office, Dr. Maynard presented his "Membership to Discipleship" presentation to lay and clergy leaders in each of the seven districts. 

Dr. Maynard is well-known in congregational transformation. He is the director of the Path 1 Coaching Network, Director of the Church Leadership Training Institute, as well as a coach/consultant for Epicenter. He has two published books: Shift: Helping Churches Back Into the Game of Effective Ministry and Foundations: An Introduction to Christian Principles. His new book Membership to Discipleship will be released Winter 2015.  He spoke during the Rio Texas Annual Conference in Corpus Christi in June 2015. 

Dr. Maynard focuses on the importance of discipleship to make vital congregations. 

"I am so very privileged to travel in the seven districts [with Dr. Maynard] and to make one-on-one contacts and relationships with dedicated disciples," said Director of Congregational Vitality Rev. Bob Allen. "As you remember we gave out 1,500 copies of Dr. Maynard’s book, Shift, during annual conference.  The goal of Phil Maynard is to help congregations back into the game of effective ministry."