Pastors and Lay Leaders, LOOK HERE!

               As someone who is focused on Vitality, I know that the only source of life, true vitality, is Jesus Christ.  The message of salvation is needed in each and every one of our local communities. We remember that our Bishop has appointed us to be the pastor of the communities in which our church is located. The Wesleyan Way of a comprehensive theology that expresses the extreme centered message of Grace is needed now more than ever as bad theology is springing up and catching the attention of or detracting the “nones” in our community.  This is a critical time in which we find ourselves. We all struggle with how we can make an impact upon our whole community.

              I know that you believe in the power of God and the impact that we as individual churches can have upon not only our own individual community but the entire world.  As your Mission Vitality Center, we have the tools that you need.   Clergy and laity, I encourage you to have that discussion that is needed for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your Mission Vitality Center is ready to help you put your hands on the right tools for the right time.

  • Tool #1 – Mission Insite is a comprehensive report that will show the demographics surrounding your church in a three, four, or five mile radius.  Find out who your neighbors are, what they are worried about, what they like to do for fun, what kind of services they are in need of and what you need to know about them to become a better neighbor.  This service is available to you at no additional cost – all is paid through our apportionments.  Call Shelly Kennerdell at 210 408-4514 for more information.
  • Tool #2 – Readiness 360 is a survey that your congregation can take to see if they are ready for change and a new direction for ministry.  Feedback is given to the pastor/s and leaders of the local church in the determination of future ministry plans.  This is a great indicator for readiness for ministry.  Again, call Shelly Kennderdell at 210 408-4514 for more information.
  • Tool #3 -  Healthy Church Initiative is a process that will elevate your church from one level to the next higher level in ministry effectiveness.  This methodology is effective on all sizes of churches.  On this website you can find out more about the process in great detail. 
  • Tool #4 – Discovering the Possibilities Workshop is a great way to discover the potentiality that exists in your local church.  It is the discovery/utilization of an asset-based ministry that already resides within the life of any congregation. 
  • Tool #5 –  Membership to Discipleship Process is a pathway that helps persons/churches to grow into maturity in their Discipleship Walk.  This is a proven pathway that helps individuals/churches to grow in their faith and to become stronger and more effective disciples of Jesus Christ.   There is a survey that is available through this website where individuals can take this short survey that will inform them of their personal journey faith walk and will then receive a hands on feedback that can be used for spiritual maturity development.  Every district has trained trainers to come into a local church to develop coaches to encourage the members/disciples in your local community to be strengthened in their faith journey with Jesus Christ.

 -Rev. Bob Allen