Learning the Ennegram with Rev. Georjean Blanton

All are welcome to attend one of the three Enneagram workshops offered by Rev. Georjean Blanton at Saint John's UMC in Austin. Georjean is a retired elder with the North Texas Conference and has studied with Suzanne Stabile and serves as a spiritual director and Enneagram coach.


Learning Your Number: Enneagram 101                                            

Saturday, October 12, 8:30-4:30    

This one-day class provides a primer to introduce this ancient tool for understanding individual differences and spiritual growth, and for promoting compassion. It will include an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the types, as well as the interpersonal challenges of each number. This workshop is for those who want to discover their number, are still unsure of their number, want to hear more about their stress and security numbers, or just want a review. It can be a day to simply gather with those who want to learn more about the Enneagram.

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Praying Your Number: Enneagram and Spiritual Practices 

Saturday, November 9, 9:00-3:00

Our ways of praying are as varied as our Enneagram numbers, and each number finds some practices easy and some challenging. This workshop will review each of the stances as well as explore the history of spiritual practice. Georjean Blanton will use her experiences as a spiritual director for 14 years along with more than a decade of work with the Enneagram to provide practical resources for starting and sustaining a practice of regular, disciplined prayer that benefits each Enneagram personality. As we seek to find answers to the challenges that we face every day in our world and in our church, and as we try to reflect Christ in our conversations with others, there is no better preparation than maintaining an active prayer practice.

Register for Praying Your Number by contacting Georjean (see below).

Living Your Number: Enneagram Wings and Stress & Security

Saturday, January 25, 9:00-3:00  

One of the aspects of the Enneagram that makes it different from other personality and work styles profiles is that it is not static. It shows us how we are influenced by the numbers on either side of our number and where we get energy when we are stressed or feeling secure. Enneagram master Suzanne Stabile says that "without the number we go to in stress we cannot take care of ourselves, and without the number we go to in security we cannot experience holistic healing and spiritual growth." At this workshop, Georjean Blanton will lead a deeper dive into the Enneagram, looking at wings and number one accesses in stress and security. Although there will be a quick review of the numbers, this workshop is for those who have some basic understanding of the Enneagram and who know their number.

Register for Living Your Number by contacting Georjean (see below).

The fee for each class is $60, which includes materials, lunch, and snacks. Scholarships are available by contacting Georjean.

Location: Saint John’s United Methodist Church / 2140 Allandale Road / Austin, TX 78756

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Register for the November and January classes for now by contacting Georjean:

            Georjean Blanton
           PathWays: A Ministry of Sacred Journeys
           1716 Kimmerling Ln.
           Austin, TX 78758  



"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


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