Bishop Announces new Executive Director of Administration and Finance

Rev. Kendall Waller

Rev. Kendall Waller

Robert Schnase, Bishop of the Rio Texas Annual Conference, announced the appointment of Rev. Kendall Waller as the new Annual Conference Treasurer and Executive Director of Administration and Finance. Waller will replace Rev. Bill Wyman. Rev. Wyman retires March 31.

Rev. Waller currently serves as Lead Pastor at Missouri United Methodist Church in downtown Columbia, Missouri. He previously served as Director of Financial and Administrative Ministries for the Missouri Annual Conference. He also served as a district superintendent in two districts and as lead pastor in churches in Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri.

Waller is excited about the move to San Antonio.  "In a lot of ways, it is coming home," he said. "I was born there, and my family was there for the World's Fair in 1968. We watched them build the Tower of the Americas."

Rev. Waller served under Bishop Schnase during his time in Missouri. "I've had a chance to work with Bishop Schnase before,” said Waller.  “I think he is outstanding as a leader.”

“Kendall Waller will make an excellent addition to the Rio Texas Conference staff.” said Schnase. “He’s known for his excellent administration skills, his creativity, his passion for ministry, and his teaching skills with pastors, laity, and congregations. I look forward to our work together during the months and years to come.   The Search Committee of the Finance Table has done excellent work, and they deserve our appreciation for identifying several fine candidates and for their selection of Kendall.”

Outgoing treasurer Bill Wyman had glowing remarks about his replacement. "From several years working as a peer with Rev. Waller at National Treasurer events, my impression is this: he is simply one of the best in the field," said Wyman.

Wyman commented that Waller brings a lot to the table, including, "his experience as Missouri Treasurer, which included a great deal of local church financial administration support, interpretation, and skill development with Finance Committees."

Debbie Steinbach, Chair of the Finance Table, is excited about the appointment. “Rev. Waller is first and foremost a pastor with a passion for the mission of the church,” she said. “I look forward to working alongside him to support the ministries of the Rio Texas Conference through our ministry of administration.”

Steinbach believes Waller’s previous experience makes him a great fit for the position. “Having served in the parallel position in another annual conference, Rev. Waller brings a wealth of relevant experience,” said Steinbach.  “While each Conference has a unique set of gifts, opportunities, and challenges; Rev. Waller is well-versed in many of the areas that are relevant to our situation.”

Rev. Waller brings a great love for the church to his new position.

"I enjoy teaching. I enjoy the chance to work with churches. At the end of the day, if there is a reason for an annual conference to exist, it is to strengthen the ministry of the local churches.”