Rio Texas at Global United Methodist Clergywomen Gathering

The following is an article written by Rev. Linda Montgomery: 

A gathering of Clergywomen from all over the world was held in Houston August 29-31.  About 450 clergywomen participated.  The Rio Texas Conference was well represented at the Global UM Clergywomen Gathering.  The gathering celebrated 60 years of Ordination to Full Connection of women as well as the 20 years ordaining Deacons to Full Connection.

Throughout the gathering, we heard stories from all over the world (and of course the nation) of how women in ministry are making disciples and transforming the world.  We also heard the stories of those places where women have to struggle to be heard because they are not accepted as pastors.  We discussed all kinds of discrimination both nationally and internationally.  And while we could celebrate progress, justice for all people continues to top the list of issues that desperately needs transformation. 

We, of course, were proud of the fact that included in leadership were two clergywomen of whom we can be especially proud.  The Rev. Dr. Kim Cape from Rio Texas is General Secretary of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry sponsored the gathering.  Also present was Bishop Janice Huie who is “ours” and was participating in her last days as a bishop before retirement began on September 1. 
The Rio Texas Conference helped sponsor the event.  We also made it possible for a clergywoman from another part of the world to attend.  As a sponsor, we had a short time to tell those gathered about our new Annual Conference with our multi-cultural, multi-lingual ministry.  

Thank you to the office of Leadership Vitality for its work on our behalf to make sure Rio Texas was not only represented but helped make the gathering possible.