Important Announcement Regarding Project Transformation Rio Texas

After two successful inaugural summers in the Rio Texas Conference, Executive Director of Project Transformation Rio Texas Nathaniel O’Dell is returning to Dallas as the Director of Development for Wesley-Rankin Community Center, a Methodist mission providing educational programming and resources to the people of West Dallas.

O’Dell led the birth and advancement of the summer literacy program from 2015-16.

“It has been such a privilege to help launch Project Transformation for the Rio Texas Conference.  Through the dedication and support of hundreds of individuals, the ministry is already changing lives,” said O’Dell. “I am excited to say that over my time with the organization, structures have been put in place to ensure that the ministry will continue to thrive and grow. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things it will do in the future."  

Project Transformation Rio Texas has held two summers transforming lives by building relationships in the Rio Texas Conference thanks to the leadership of O’Dell.

Project Transformation Rio Texas accomplished these milestones for Summer 2016:

  • 98 percent of participants entering first grade through sixth grade maintained or improved their reading levels
  • Incorporated leadership development training for college-aged interns, on topics such as servant leadership, conflict resolution, personal life management and justice and advocacy.
  • Wellness Program Coordinator added to track physical activity of children, coordinate with San Antonio Food Bank and Methodist Health Ministries Wesley Nurses to bring nutritional educators to camp.

Kercida McClain, Chair of the Advisory Board for Project Transformation Rio Texas, ensures a smooth transition and the formation of a search committee for the vacancy.

“As with all ministries, a part of our prayer was for the innovative leadership Project Transformation demands. Nathaniel O’Dell has been that kind of leader,” said McClain. “His willingness to pick up his family and move to San Antonio to help begin this ministry has been instrumental in the setting of the firm foundation we now have.”

May God bless Nathaniel and his family during this time of transition and for their fruitful ministries to the United Methodist Church. 

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