Texas United Methodist College Association (TUMCA)

Darrell Loyless, Ph.D., introduces the Texas United Methodist College Association to the Rio Texas Conference. 

All Rights Reserved. Rio Texas Annual Conference. United Methodist Church. June 2016. 

I’m fond of saying that two of the oldest institutions in Western Civilization are the church and the university.

Hand in hand they have sought to provide the knowledge and seek the truth that the Scriptures tell us will set us free.

In that regard, the Texas United Methodist College Association or what we fondly call “TUMCA,” has been the organization that has helped facilitate that relationship through scholarships.

Through the generous gifts of our conferences and the churches that make them up, TUMCA has sought to open the doors of our colleges and universities with scholarship grants.

These resources are used to make possible an education for individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford a Methodist-related college education.  So we see them going to our universities and in many cases learning leadership skills, a profession, but I think equally important, they are given the opportunity to search their own minds and hearts and discover what their true values are.

Often times, this discovery strengthens them in their spiritual journey.

On behalf of some young man or woman, or maybe yourself, please feel free to contact one of our universities.  Call their financial aid office. They are the ones who set down the guidelines for scholarship awards. 

The only requirement we have is that a candidate for the scholarship be a Methodist in one of our churches.

So, let me thank you for your time, and I look forward possibly to meeting you and talking more about the relationship between the church and our colleges.