Bill Wyman - Mount Wesley News

Mount Wesley, a sacred space for countless United Methodists and friends, has faced numerous challenges and changes over the last several years. Over the last several months, the Mount Wesley Advisory Team (with the assistance of Camp Director Christian Moore) has begun a process of finding a path forward that addresses many of the realities that are faced by the camp.

Aging infrastructure, rising costs, a changing market and other forces have added to the challenge of keeping Mount Wesley welcoming, appealing, comfortable and affordable. Some of the steps required to keep the camp viable are difficult and necessitate hard decisions.

The latest changes affect the general operation of the facility. Several staff changes were announced today that affect the Mount Wesley team. In an effort to reshape and refocus the staff responsibilities, the positions of Bookkeeper, Housekeeper, and Events Coordinator are being eliminated. The financial administration Mount Wesley will now be handled by the Finance and Administration Office of the annual conference. Future housekeeping duties will be managed by an outside contractor.

The duties of the Events Coordinator (along with other roles that have been deemed essential in running the camp) will be assigned to a new position. In January, an opening will be posted for Assistant Camp Director. More details about this position will be available at

Staff transitions are always difficult. These are more than titles and numbers on spreadsheets. They are brothers and sisters who become part of our lives and the life of the conference. At the same time, we are gifted with the trust of the annual conference to be good stewards of the resources we are given. 

Join us in prayer in this time of transition, for our brother and sisters and for the good things that God has brought about through them.

William C. Wyman, Jr.
Rio Texas Conference