UM Army Releases New Camp Dates

UMC students and families who need service hours or volunteer opportunities will have their chance thanks to the upcoming UM Army season. UM Army announced new mission opportunities for middle, high school and college students for Summer 2017.

There is even a UM Army especially for families wanting to grow their spiritual bond.

UM Army is a mission-based organization that brings together students and churches to do home repairs such as constructing handicap access ramps and painting old homes. Students will be housed at local UMC’s and transported to homes in need of improvements and beautification.

Rio Texas churches can send youth teams as small as two and as big as 50 or more to UM Army.

Volunteers are also needed to help supervise the projects.

For more information please visit or contact Jenny Monahan at

There are several types of Mission opportunities.

Update Feb. 1, 2017: Online Registration is NOW available. Click Here to register

High School UM ARMY:

  • Camps run Sunday-Saturday
  • Takes place June and July
  • For students grades 9-12
  • Sites are made up of community residents who need help with home repairs and upkeep
  • Client Night – UM Army invites those whom we have served to a dinner at our host church and they are given the opportunity to speak to the young people about what their service has meant. (Definitely a highlight of the week!)
  • Prayer Stations
  • Youth Advisory Board Member
  • Cost is $250/participant
  • 4 mission weeks available
  • Lockhart FUMC; June 18-24
  • LaGrange FUMC; June 25-July 1
  • Brackettville; FUMC July 16-22

Homefront UM Army:

  • Camps run Sunday-Saturday
  • Takes place May 21-27, 2017
  • College students and young adults
  • Provide home repairs for residents
  • Participants transform neighborhoods
  • Cost is $250/participant
  • Deeper service to community beyond worksites
  • Disc Golf tournament to offset camp registration fees by $100 for all the past two years!

UM Army Basic:

  • Camps run Sunday-Thursday
  • Takes place June and July
  • Sites include nonprofit organizations and churches
  • Students grade 6-8
  • Cost is $200/participant
  • Prayer Stations
  • Youth Advisory Board Members
  • 3 mission weeks available
  • Dates:
  • BASIC @ Rockport FUMC; June 11-15, 2017
  • BASIC @ Dripping Springs UMC; June 25-29, 2017
  • BASIC @ San Angelo FUMC; July 16-20, 2017

UM Army Family:

  • Camps run Saturday-Wednesday
  • July 1-5 at Cathedral Oaks Retreat Center
  • Separate rooms for families with young children
  • All families are welcome from young to old
  • 2 tracks at camp
  • One large site
  • Cost is $200/person for sixth grade through adults
  • Cost is $150 for kids 3 years old through fifth grade
  • Children 2 years and under are no cost
  • Family friendly hometown 4th of July celebration

UM Army mixed age:

  • Camps run Sunday-Saturday
  • June 11-17, 2017 in Austin
  • Middle and High School Youth
  • Combining Urban Ministry with traditional UM Army Sites
  • Cost is $250/participant
  • Evening programs will include outreach and celebration with folks in local community

Below is the full chronological list of 2016-17 UM Army dates:

  • UM ARMY Homefront @ Asbury UMC in Corpus Christi; May 21-27, 2017
  • BASIC @ Rockport FUMC; June 11-15, 2017
  • UM ARMY Mixed Age in Austin; June 11-17, 2017
  • UM ARMY @ Lockhart FUMC; June 18-24, 2017
  • BASIC @ Dripping Springs UMC; June 25-29, 2017
  • UM ARMY @ La Grange FUMC; June 25-July 1, 2017
  • UM ARMY Family @ Cathedral Oaks; July 1-5, 2017
  • BASIC @ San Angelo FUMC; July 16-20, 2017
  • UM ARMY @ Brackettville FUMC; July 16-22, 2017