Singing Clergy Update!

It isn’t too late to join the clergy choir that will sing at the ordination service at annual conference.   Nearly 40 clergy are already on board to be a part of this group.  Here are more details:

 There are two pieces that we will be singing:

“Order My Steps”, by Glenn Burleigh, arr. Jack Schrader, SATB.  Hope Publishing, C 5083.  It will be directed by Rev. Don McAvoy.  Here is a link to listen to this anthem:

“Write Your Blessed Name”, by K. Lee Scott, SATB.  Hope Publishing, A 632.  It will be directed by Rev. Dave Collett.  Rev. David Miron will be the accompanist for both pieces.  Here is a link to listen to this anthem; but be aware that it is the SAB version. Unfortunately, there isn’t a listening link for the SATB setting. Still, it will give you a good feel for the song, if not all the exact parts.

To obtain copies of the music in advance, here are three options:

  • Order a copy of each one directly from a music dealer such as RBC Music, JW Pepper, or
  • See if your home church has them in your music library
  • Send me an email with your mailing information, and I will mail you a copy out of my library at FUMC Boerne (to be returned to me after the service), or there will be copies for you to borrow at each of the rehearsals.  My email address is below.


There will be an important rehearsal on Thursday, June 11 at 4 p.m. in the choir room of First UMC Corpus Christi.  Please plan to attend this one!  Additional area/district rehearsals are scheduled as follows in conjunction with district pre-conference meetings:

  • Las Misiones District—Sunday, May 17, 2:30 p.m., Oxford UMC (just before district meeting at 3:00)
  • Hill Country District—May 17, 3:30 p.m., FUMC Boerne (Just before district meeting at 4:00)
  • Capital District— May 17, 3:30 p.m., Covenant UMC (Just before district meeting at 4:00)
  • Crossroads District—Saturday, May 30, Cathedral Oaks, immediately following the district meeting that begins at 1:00
  • West District-- Saturday, May 30, St. Luke’s UMC San Angelo, immediately before the district meeting that begins at 1:00
  • Rehearsals for Coastal Bend and El Valle districts are pending….

Please try to attend any of the rehearsals that you can.  Otherwise, please listen and practice on your own in advance.


The service is in Selena Auditorium on Sunday, June 14 at 10:30 a.m.  Please arrive on stage at 9:45 a.m. for warm-up and rehearsal.  (You may have to sneak out of the morning plenary a bit early).   We will be seated onstage for the entire service.  Wear a clergy robe of your choice, and if ordained, a red stole.   Also bring a black folder for your music if you have access to one; if not we will try to have some there for you.

 For more information, or to sign up to be part of the choir, contact Rev. Russell Miller at