Open Letter from the Rio Texas Conference Student Design Team

Dear Pastors and Youth Workers of the Rio Texas Conference,

This letter is written on behalf of the Rio Texas Conference Student Design Team. The conference is currently working on a set of common, conference wide values for the Mid-Winter retreats that will be occurring in the 2016 season.

The Conference has secured dates and locations for the Mid-Winter retreats which will be made available to the Districts through a meeting with the District Superintendents. Registrations can then begin for the Districts that choose to attend after the Design Team meets with the District Leaders to discuss the context of the Mid-Winter retreats.

We will be in touch with more details soon. Look forward to hearing from our team as God shapes the Mid-Winter retreats ministry, we will continue to update you so that you can be part of the dialogue. If you would like to contribute any input, please feel free to reach out to Bob Allen (, Aaron Buttery ( or any of us on the team. We are striving hard to listen to the voice of God in our midst, and it could very well be coming from you!

Please be in prayer for us and for our new conference, and know that we are praying for you. Thank you for your ministry and your commitment to see young people thrive in faith. May God bless you and your endeavors.

Blessings on behalf of the Rio Texas Conference Students Design Team, 
Pam Dwyer and Christian Moore