Does Your Church Need a Logo?

While some churches have invested in specialized logos and branding, many are left without a high-quality logo to use on letterhead, business cards, and websites.

We have good news. There is no need to spend money on logo design. United Methodist Communications has done the work for you.

Behind every logo is a great deal of time and creative effort. Everything is considered—the colors, the fonts and more. The same applies to the branding toolkit and brand manual for The United Methodist Church produced by United Methodist Communications. 

The toolkit and manual make it easy to use United Methodism’s cross-and-flame logo with information relevant to your church. The branding toolkit carries a wide variety of downloadable and editable files, ranging from logos to stationery to social media assets usable for Facebook and Twitter. 

By using the branding toolkit, each local church can retain its unique identity while benefiting from the recognition that comes with using the cross-and-flame logo. Consistent use of logo lets your congregation underscore its connection with United Methodist congregations across the conference - and around the world. The net result: you maintain and strengthen your community’s trust in the reputation, the vision, the beliefs and the people of The United Methodist Church.

Check out the Branding Toolkit.

If you need help using the tools included, drop us a line at