Update from Pastor Larry McRorey in Portland

We just received this update from Pastor Larry McRorey in Portland:

Good Morning Friends!  The storm has passed.  Preliminary reports are that Portland has sustained moderate damage with numerous trees, fences, and power lines being down.  The city is without power and there are reports of gas leaks that are being addressed.  There appears to be minimal structural damage across the city and as of now, most homes seem to have survived without great damage.  A visible inspection of the church indicates the sanctuary is flooded from major roof leakage.  Also significant wind driven water penetration under the doors and around windows.  Education building seems to have sustained roof damage as well.  Visible inspection of the interior is underway.  The portable building did survive and an interior inspection will happen soon.  We have two Trustees in Portland who are updating us on conditions.  In the mean time, we continue to wait and pray for those most affected.  Resources are being sent to Rockport which bore the brunt of the category 4 storm.  Reports of widespread and significant damage to Rockport and Aransas Pass.  Will update as soon as possible.  Blessings, Pastor Larry