Children and Family Ministry Director

Gruene United Methodist Church in New Braunfels is looking to hire a Children and Family Ministry Director.

Personal Characteristics:
• The Director of Children and Family Ministries is a person of mature faith with a passionate love for Jesus, knowledge of the Scriptures and an ability to engage children, students and families with Christ's message in today's culture.
• This person believes their calling in life to be the Christ-focused spiritual development of children, students and their families and will be vision-driven.
• He/She needs to love and relate well to children and students and understand that the primary goal is to lead and care for the servant volunteers while equipping them to minister to the young disciples in our midst.
• He/She is a relational coach who has the ability to inspire, lead, train, coordinate,equip and facilitate professional staff and servant volunteers to mobilize the entire congregation in equipping the next generation of disciples for the service of Christ.
• He/She understands that the best way to do this is by training, equipping and partnering with parents in the spiritual formation of their children.
• He/She is a teacher of teachers, an on-going learner, a supportive colleague and a positive role model for our families and their children.

Primary Goals:
• To synchronize church leaders and parents around a Discipleship model that flows from our baptismal promises to help nurture our young people in their spiritual formation.
*To develop, create, foster and nurture vision and continuity in the discipleship journey of our young people.
• To create exciting learning environments for children and students in order to increase their understanding of God's love for them and encourage a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This may include any ministry that fosters positive spiritual formation environments and engage children and their families where they are.
• To evaluate and discern the effectiveness of any experience so that we are continually evolving and not becoming stagnant in our ministry or approach.
• To nurture, foster and create a safe environment for children, students and their families where they experience the love of God most powerfully through the relationships they build with one another, their parents and with the larger community of faith.
• To support and partner with parents in the spiritual formations of their children, training and equipping them to have discussions with and to teach their children about God's love for them, what it means to be a follower of Christ and what it means to be part of a community of faith.
• Develop strong servant volunteers and the leadership staff by implementing dynamic recruiting, training, motivating and support systems that will in turn be able to equip young disciples for the service of Christ.
• To Find age-appropriate ways for children, student and adults to join together in service to others, to our community and to the world.

• A mature Christian faith, evidence of the fruits of the Spirit and a continuing desire for spiritual growth.
• College graduate - does not necessarily have to be in childhood, Student Ministry or Christian education as long as there is significant work experience in children's, students and/or family ministries.
• A demonstrated passion and commitment to the spiritual growth of children, students and their families.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to motivate, inspire, equip and encourage others.
• A creative person who can think "Outside the Box" but has cultivated the ability to do so effectively from within the structure of a congregational system.
• Familiarity with systems theories and the concept of emotional intelligence.
• Ability to work as part of a team.

Attributes/Spiritual Gifts:
• Teaching
• Leadership
• Discernment
• Knowledge
• Service
• Administration

Reporting Relationships:
• Reports directly to the Senior Pastor in cooperation with the Staff Parrish Relations Committee.
• Supervises and equips servant volunteers in Children's Ministry

Job Status:
• This is a salaried position. Hours are approximately 40 hours per week including, but not limited to, Sunday mornings, Administrative Council Meetings, Staff meetings and office hours. Seasonal demands on time may vary.
• There will be a performance review with an evalution of duties after the first six months and annually thereafter. This review will be conducted by the Senior Pastor in consultation with the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
• Following a six month probationary period, the employee will be entitle to two weeks paid time off, based upon weekly paid hours. (Paid Time Off includes time away from an employee's job responsibilities for such things as vacation, sick leave, holidays and funeral leave.)
• Compensatory time must be worked out with the employee's direct supervisor and must be taken within a two-week time period of the accrued compensatory time.
• This is an exempt position. The employee is not entitled to overtime pay.
• This position does not include the benefit of health insurance or retirement plan.
Email resume to: NadiaHoffman