Director of Youth Ministry

Spring Creek United Methodist 28970 Old Fredericksburg Rd Fair Oaks Ranch TX is looking for a Director of Youth Ministry.
Reports to: Pastor in Charge Effective: 3/5/2019
Performance Review: Pastor in Charge in cooperation with Staff Parrish Relationships Committee
Directly Supervises: Adult volunteers with youth
Status: Full Time
FLSA Exempt
Job Summary

The Director of Youth Ministry (DYM) leads Spring Creek in its ministry with youth (6th through 12th grade) and their families by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to youth ministry that furthers Spring Creek’s mission to grow in an ever-deepening relationship with God through worship, meaningful connections with others, intentional spiritual growth, and committed service. The DYM serves as a spiritual leader and role model, and teaches the Christian faith consistent with the beliefs of The United Methodist Church.

Essential Functions:
• Strategize and lead the congregation in its ministry with youth and their families.
• Build relationships with the congregation, particularly with youth, their families, and adult volunteers.
• Strategize and develop an organizational structure that supports ministry for the congregation’s next phase of growth.
• Build, organize, and disciple a team of adult volunteers
• Organize ministry for youth that includes:
o Christian education/spiritual formation, giving particular emphasis to DOJO (current weekly youth ministry) and weekly bible studies.
o Opportunities for Christian service, including summer mission trips and mission opportunities offered by the church.
o Youth participation and leadership in worship.
o Confirmation classes in partnership with the pastors.
o Transition of children from 5th grade into Youth ministry.
• Mentor youth in their discipleship and to develop their leadership skills.
• Work to effectively reach youth in the community and develop a strategic youth ministry outreach plan. This includes an intentional presence in the community to build relationships and provide appropriate care.
• Serve as an advocate for youth within the full life and ministry of Spring Creek.
• Select and/or approve all curriculum for all classes, ensuring that it is consistent with the beliefs of The United Methodist Church.
• Ensure that all ministries with youth are safe and abide by Spring Creek’s Child/Youth Protection Policy.

Other Responsibilities:
• Participate in staff meetings.
• Work collaboratively with staff and members to support the ministry of Spring Creek. Coordinate with other ministries involving youth and their families and communicate those opportunities.
• Keep records of youth participation, and develop and manage a budget for youth ministry in cooperation with pastors and elected leaders.
• Work with Trustees to ensure that all buildings and church grounds are safe for youth.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Mature Christian faith
• Passion and vision for ministry to help youth and their families grow in faith and serve God.
• Experience building, organizing, and discipling ministry teams.
• Strong knowledge of and commitment to teaching the Christian faith in the United Methodist tradition.
• Understanding of developmental traits of Adolescents.
• Ability to relate to and share the Christian faith with youth and their families.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Minimum of two (2) years of experience leading youth ministry in a church setting.
• Bachelor’s degree and/or credentials in religious education.

Physical Requirements:
• Ability to move freely about worship and education spaces, retreat and mission sites, and school campuses.
• Ability to lift up to 20 pounds and carry for 100 yards.

Core Competencies:
• Team Player: Works with other staff to further the ministry of Spring Creek. Encourages others, supports their work, finds creative opportunities to work together, and resolves conflict in a constructive manner.
• Team Building and Leadership: Sees youth ministry as a ministry of the whole congregation. Is a good judge of gifts necessary for youth ministry. Develops and trains a team of committed adults. Encourages the congregation to welcome and nurture youth.
• Ministry Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of the Youth Ministry and its role in the life of Spring Creek. Assumes responsibility for all aspects of youth ministry.
• Interpersonal: Demonstrates the ability to work with and lead others. Actively listens to others, accepts criticism, and addresses in a positive manner. Encourages others and holds them accountable. Relates to youth in a loving manner and is respected as a mature adult and disciple of Christ. Recognizes and respects a variety of family structures.
• Initiative: See opportunities to strengthen existing ministries and create new ones. Obtains appropriate guidance, casts a vision and implements changes.
• Spiritual Maturity: Demonstrates a commitment to grow in an ever-deepening relationship with God through worship, community, intentional spiritual growth and committed service.
• Self-awareness: Aware of how she/he is part of the church and Youth systems. Able to recognize when situations need to be brought to attention of pastor and/or professional counselor. Can adapt and change responses to situations.

Interested applicants are asked to provide their resume, references, salary range, and what benefits they would expect to receive to the point of contact. JerryDillard