Associate Pastor

Rolling Hills Community Church 6201 Lohman Ford Road Lago Vista, TX is looking for an Associate Pastor.

I. Create & Enable RHCC Ministry Direction = “Bring Vision And Strategy”

A. Provides strategic leadership, insight, guidance and support for RHCC Children’s, Youth, & Family Ministries.

B. Assist in planning, coordinating, participating & reporting the many events and activities within the

II. Desire To Engage With Community & Congregation = “Become An Influential Member”

A. Lives near or within North Shore Community or will relocate

B. Possess an energetic, outgoing and charismatic demeanor

C. Bring a worship atmosphere which inspires growth in attendance & participation

D. Relate scripture to contemporary life in an interesting and inspirational and stimulating manor.

E. Possess a high degree of “Technology Literacy” (Social Media, Presentation Development, etc.)

III. Ability To Manage Church Operations = “Keep The Machine Running”

A. Works well with others (staff & volunteers)

B. Maintains scheduled office hours

C. Works well with Lead Pastor. 

$40-50,000 package, categories negotiable

Send resume to GaryOlsen