Facility Administrator Oak Hill United Methodist Church

Oak Hill United Methodist Church is looking for a Facility Administrator

General Characteristics and Expectations:  All staff members should be devoted to Jesus Christ and His church universal, and specifically, to Oak Hill United Methodist Church.  Duties performed should be done in a professional and timely fashion with the ultimate goal being to support the mission of our church.  Healthy communication, discretion, honesty, confidentiality, positive attitude and loyalty to the staff team, are all expected attributes.  Staff members must understand the organization of the church as well as the chain of supervision within the staff.  Ephesians 4:1 “live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.”   

General Description:  The Facility Administrator is responsible for the maintenance of all church campus facilities, which includes all buildings, grounds, equipment, furniture, tools, vehicles, and related supplies; and also is responsible for supporting operations by movement and arrangement of furniture and equipment and unlocking and locking doors. The position reports to the senior pastor (or the designated associate pastor) and works closely with other staff members, the Board of Trustees, church volunteers, and cleaning service in the day-to-day maintenance and building operations. If a part-time assistant is employed, the Facility Administrator would supervise the work of this person.

Primary Duties

General maintenance work in all buildings: Duties include the following:

·         Perform minor repairs, minor servicing, and replace light bulbs.

·         Monitor use of utilities (electricity and water), including setting of HVAC thermostats and use of lighting by various groups.

·         Review monthly utility bills to monitor usage of water and electricity and be proactive in looking for ways to conserve and reduce costs.

·         Coordinate moderate and major repairs and remodeling performed by contractors, to include arranging for, assisting, monitoring, ensuring satisfaction with work, and signing off when completed. When appropriate, solicit competitive bids, perform evaluations, and make recommendation to supervisor and the Board of Trustees for approval.

·         Coordinate with volunteers or Scouts on campus improvement work projects.

·         Familiarize with the existing umbrella insurance policy and work with insurance company on any inspections and claims.

·         Ensure compliance with all city, state, and county codes and annual inspections (elevator, fire safety, etc.).

·         Be thoroughly familiar with church campus, perform a daily walkaround of all buildings and grounds, and note needed repairs or cleanup.

·         Review service contracts prior to expiration and make recommendation on renewal or re-competition. If conduct a competition – solicit bids, make evaluation and recommendation for Trustee approval, and arrange for implementation of new contract.

·         Manage the contracted janitorial service in the performance of their work.

·         Order and stock janitorial supplies not provided by the janitorial service (like paper products, light bulbs, etc.)

·         Work with Storage Steward in helping to maintain safe and orderly storage in all areas.

General maintenance on grounds: Duties include the following:

·         Manage lawn maintenance service to ensure quality of work, value, and special trimming and cleanup work in off season.

·         Manage scheduling of operation and maintenance of irrigation system with the intent on conservation of resources and minimizing cost.

·         Perform cold patch work on minor pot holes in driveways and parking lots as required.

·         Perform minor pick up of any debris on church grounds and parking lot as required.

Maintenance equipment and supplies responsibilities:   Duties include the following:

·         Maintain proper storage of chemicals and consumables.

·         Maintain and service all tools and equipment.

 Maintenance of church vehicles: Duties include the following:

·         Upkeep church van and trailers including fueling, oil changes, minor repairs, inspections, registration, and cleanliness inside and out

·         Take care of minor items, like battery replacement, tires, and low-cost maintenance, as required.

·         For major repairs, obtain estimate(s), obtain approval, make necessary arrangements, and ensure satisfactory work.

Room Set-up and Custodial Responsibilities: Duties include the following:

·         Assist in set-up and take-down work before and after functions,  

·         Oversee cleaning service ensuring contract duties are completed satisfactorily.

·         Safeguard staff and campus by ensuring all buildings are locked at the end of each business/workday and/or coordinating with hosts to be responsible for locking any building after an event.

·         Develop a plan and carry out seasonal maintenance as needed, including waxing and buffing floors, carpet cleaning, washing walls, and ensuring the highway-to-door curb appeal is maintained to the highest standard.

·         Ensure all room equipment is properly stored and available when needed.

·         Ensure cleanliness of all kitchen appliances.

Financial Administration: Duties include the following:

·         Assist Trustees in preparing the facilities budget for the coming year.

·         Always be vigilant in finding best value for church expenditures.

·         Monitor facilities expenses versus budget on a monthly basis

·         Purchase/rent equipment and services as needed and budgeted. For major expenditures and non-budgeted expenses, approval from the Board of Trustees is required.

Record Keeping and Reporting:  Duties include the following:

·         Maintain a current contact list of preferred professional service providers.

·         Maintain a contact list of individuals in church with repair skills who are willing to volunteer in self-help projects.

·          Maintain a work project log of repairs needed and status to be shared with supervisor as required.

·         Coordinate with other staff members to ensure adequate records and warranties are kept on all maintenance work performed and equipment purchased.

·         Coordinate with assigned Trustees to maintain current inventory records (spreadsheets) of all HVAC units and another of serialized electronic equipment. This is to help with insurance loss claims, replacement planning, etc.

·         Attend weekly church staff meetings.

·         Attend monthly Board of Trustee meeting and provide verbal report of significant activities in the last period.

·         Report annually to Trustees on status of all church vehicles.

·         Assist individual Trustees as required in their performance of respective oversight assignments.

Accountability: This position is supervised by pastors and works as the primary staff liaison to the Board of Trustees.  Duties may be modified as deemed necessary by the pastors.

Hours: Full-time (40 hours), salaried; Sunday – Thursday, with flexibility; on call for campus emergencies.

Salary: Based on experience and performance.


Retirement through General Board of Pensions at rate of five (5%) percent of annual salary. Semi-annual enrollment period and length of employment apply.

OHUMC vacation and sick/emergency leave policies apply.

Health Insurance of employee (church pays 75% of cost monthly)

Job Requirements: General knowledge and experience in building maintenance, with basic understanding of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and custodial work.  Knowledge of products used in the care and maintenance of the campus.  Computer knowledge including Microsoft Word and Excel, and office equipment knowledge is required.  The ability to work with and support volunteers, office staff, the pastors, and Trustees.  Must have a valid Texas driver’s license.  Good verbal and written communication skills and project management skills are required.

To Apply: Send your resume, salary requirements and 3 references to jobs@oakhillumc.org.