Contemporary Worship Leader

FUMC Boerne seeks Contemporary Worship Leader
Part time (10-15 hrs. weekly)/ $14,000 annual salary
One weekly rehearsal, one 9:00am worship hour on Sunday mornings, occasional meetings during the week with staff and/or the director of Music and Worship.
Must be able to:
• confidently teach and lead current worship music as well as worship songs of the past 30 years and modernizations of hymn tunes.
• select and lead songs for worship that reflect Methodist doctrine and theology as well as scripture and topics being addressed in the worship service.
• lead the existing band. Be in relationship and leadership, both spiritual and musical, with them and actively recruit new band members as well.
• be confident in leading a variety of instruments beyond guitar, bass, and drums. Keyboard, strings, winds, or other instruments may be utilized.
• meet planning deadlines, schedule music and band members for worship and rehearsals well in advance, and work with projection and sound teams for the best production for worship.
• be a present and engaged member of the church and staff. Seek to build relationships and be involved in the mission and ministry of FUMC Boerne.
• Familiarity with Planning Center and Media Shout platforms preferred but not required.
To submit an application and resume, please contact Karen Andrews, Director of Music and Worship at FUMC Boerne.