United Campus Ministry Takes Hands On Approach with Ash Wednesday

Students of the United Campus Ministry at Texas State University prepared ashes from last year’s palms through a prayerful liturgy. They practiced creating and filtering the ashes to be ready for Ash Wednesday worship.

‘Ashes on the Quad’ brought Ash Wednesday to the middle of the Texas State campus where more than more than 100 students, staff, and faculty received ashes throughout the day.

Texas State students gathered for Ash Wednesday worship at the United Campus Ministry where the Lenten journey began in an emptied out sanctuary. 

Students sat on the floor in a circle centered around a baptism font in prayer, song, and Scripture.

As the ashes moved around the circle, students received ashes from a fellow student and then had the opportunity to place ashes on the next student.  This worship not only prepared the students for this Lenten season, but allowed them to fully participate and practice the church traditions in a hands-on manner. 

Written by Rev. Todd Salmi