Camp Awesomeness Calls Tweens to Ministry

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During the late days of July 2018 “tweens” gathered at Slumber Falls for Camp Awesomeness for fun, faith formation, and fellowship.

Camp Awesomeness explored how God calls everyone in to ministry for the building up of God’s kingdom. We are all called to the work of building God’s kingdom, and all of us have gifts to help in that work. In our time at camp tweens from the West and Hill Country Districts learned about hearing God call them to work and how to find their paths to answer those callings. 

We had 24 campers from all over the Hill Country and West Districts who listened to God’s call to come and claim the voice God gave them to speak and serve in the Church. We thank God for all who worked hard to plan this camp and to make it work, including: John Paul Spurlock, Leigh Lloyd, Bethany Graham, Cynthia Deaton, Mark Deaton, Glenn Luhrs, Celia Halfacre, Bailey Spurlock, and many others. 

Camp Awesomeness will meet again at Slumber Falls from August 8 – 11, 2019. Our theme will be listening for God and learning about spiritual disciplines. Look for more information about registration soon. 

Written by Rev. Celia Halfacre

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Camp Awesomeness Pics 01.JPG