UFW Activist Receives New Home

Daria Vera was an important activist during the 1966 United Farm Workers’ Strike. During the planning of commemoration services, Bishop Joel Martinez found out Vera’s home in Rio Grande City was dilapidated and needed much repair.

He reached out to Rev. Mark Porterfield. His ministry “Home in a Week” planned the reconstruction of Vera’s home. Starting in September 2016, the group of volunteers prebuilt the wall and trusses in Canyon Lake. Later in January, they transported the materials to Rio Grande City to start building after the Easter holiday. The 576 square-foot home was built from April 18 – April 26.

“This was particularly important to honor someone who was so influential in helping thousands of others through her advocacy,” said Rev. Porterfield.

“It would be hard to count how many persons received a fair or better wage in their work because of her efforts. Those better wages helped countless families live in homes that were adequate and safe. Through the blessings of the Bishop, Daria now has the same; an adequate and safe home for this stage of her life.”

“Daria Vera, as a young farm worker helped her fellow farm workers in 1966 that resulted in a March for Justice from her hometown of Rio Grande City to our state capitol in Austin,” said Bishop Martinez.

“She has been blessed with a new home built by volunteers under the leadership of Rev. Mark Porterfield. I salute Daria and her struggle for justice for all and all. Thank God for United Methodist volunteers and donors who made this new home for Mrs. Vera possible! She is an inspiration to all of us!”