50th Anniversary of Starr County Farm Workers' March & Strike San Antonio Celebrations

Civic and religious leaders gathered to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Starr County, Texas Farm Workers’ Strike and March on Labor Day 2016. People worshipped at a Mass in a standing room only San Fernando Cathedral to celebrate the farm workers who marched for their civil rights.

After the mass, more people showed up outside the cathedral to march with the farm workers to Milam Park. At the park, a rally was held with various officials and activists. Retired United Methodist Church Bishop Joel Martínez delivered an invocation and welcomed the farm workers for remarks in front of hundreds.

Watch Bishop Martínez and Retired Texas United Farm Workers Director Rebecca O. Flores talk about the history of La Huelga and the reception on Labor Day 2016.

50th Anniversary of Starr County Farm Workers March & Strike