There are a lot of great tools and resources out there to help you with your church's social media strategy. Here are a few.

Buffer - - If you are going to manage more than one social media account or platform, products like Buffer will make your life a lot easier. Buffer allows you to post to multiple accounts on multiple platforms (i.e. Facebook, twitter, etc.). It also lets you schedule your posts so that you can load content and have it posted on the schedule you want. Buffer also has a great "report card" feature that helps you see how you are doing with engagement.

Latergramme - - Apps like Buffer will help you with nearly every social media platform, except Instagram. Instagram wants all of the photos to come from people's mobile devices. There is still no true way around that, but Latergramme helps.  On your computer, you can create and schedule posts and Latergramme sends them to your phone or tablet and reminds you to post them. It is a little less automated than apps like Buffer but still much easier for those who wants some flexibility and consistency with Instagram.

More to come!