How many professions of faith did your home church record this past year? When was the last time that there was an adult baptism in your local church?  How many new faces do you see every Sunday?  How many of those new faces become a part of your congregation?  Do you have a Discipleship Pathway in which members of your church grow in their faith?  Do you have a leadership plan in which you train new people to do kingdom work alongside you or do you end up just switching hats and have the same group of people do all of the work? Over the last ten years, have you noticed an increase or a decrease in attendance in your worship service(s)?

               If you would like to address any of these concerns, and your average worship attendance is 75 or below, you are a candidate for the Small Church Initiative.  For more information contact the Rev. Bob Allen, Director of Congregational Vitality at (210)408-4509.

Small Church Initiative sample self study report 

Small Church Initiative Brochure

Small Church Initiative Self Study