Rio Texas Commissions New Trusted con Confianza Facilitators

27 new Trusted con Confianza facilitator trainers. 

27 new Trusted con Confianza facilitator trainers. 

Members of the Rio Texas Safety Task Force Team welcomed 27 leaders from across the conference to the very first Trusted con Confianza facilitator training retreat March 23-24. These leaders represent each of our districts. Many were recommended by their District Superintendents and all filled out an application, received a recommendation from their senior pastor, and signed a covenant committing to the work of equipping and supporting churches in the work of keeping all of God’s children safe.

The group met at Laurel Heights United Methodist Church for a 24-hour training retreat that prepared them to lead Trusted con Confianza facilitated sessions across our conference.

Rev. Joy Melton, United Methodist Deacon, lawyer, and author of the Safe Sanctuary resources led the training as the keynote speaker. In her remarks, she reminded the group of the importance of doing the work of keeping children, youth, and vulnerable adults safe.

Rev. Melton praised the Rio Texas Conference on their work to create a strong, solid, and faithful policy and certification process. She noted that she was excited to share that the Rio Texas Conference is now a Safe Sanctuary conference. Rev. Melton encouraged the new facilitators in their work as they go out to equip and support churches in keeping all of God’s children safe.

These facilitators will be leading Trusted con Confianza certification facilitated sessions across the conference. For a complete description of the certification process please visit this page

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Trusted con Confianza facilitators:

  • Carrie Anders
  • Lori Balensiefen
  • Bonnie Bevers
  • Laurel Bradford
  • Tanya Campen
  • Kim Carroll
  • Rita Cavazos
  • Meredith Copeland
  • Kelly Duke
  • Pam Elliott
  • Megan Getman
  • Jodi Gutierrez
  • Anne Hardegree
  • Chéri Heldstab
  • Patrick Jackson
  • Cheryl Kendall
  • J’Nevelyn Lloyd
  • Donna Magee
  • Valerie Mendoza
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Bridget Preece
  • Lisa Rush
  • Barry Sharp
  • Michael Smith
  • John Paul Spurlock
  • Erika Stiner
  • Vanessa Tirey
  • Carol Ann Weston