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The Rio Texas Annual Conference is committed to the well-being of every person entrusted to its care as well as those persons entrusted to the care of the districts and local United Methodist Churches throughout our conference borders. Therefore, we will strive to create safe places for all of God's children. Our safety policy and procedures helps us to do this holy and hard work.

This page is dedicated to helping individuals and faith communities know what steps to take as they seek to complete the required TRUSTed con Confianza certification. 

Are you TRUSTed con Confianza? 

3 Steps for TRUSTed con Confianza certification

1. Register with Safe Gatherings

  • Go to

  • Click on the red Get Started button at the top of the page.

  • Fill out the online application (see Application tips below)

  • Safe Gatherings will go to work processing the background check and reaching out to the applicant's designated references.

Need help? Check out this Tutorial 

Video Tutorials and Registration Tips Listed Below

2. Complete the Safe Gatherings training course:

This is approximately 60-90 minute presentation of information on safety guidelines and best practices. Persons will take a test at the end of this training.

This is a 2 hour interactive experience that can be taken online via a webinar or in person via a scheduled workshop. For training dates and times, check out:

3. Attend a TRUSTed con Confianza certification facilitated session

Trusted certification lasts two years. Prior to the expiration of your certification, Safe Gatherings staff will contact you regarding your upcoming renewal. For information on the recertification process check out: steps for recertification.

Recertification (every two years)

Safe Gatherings Administrator Tutorial 

(For Church/Ministry wanting to set up your organization's account)

Safe Gatherings Individual Tutorial 

(For all individuals seeking Rio Texas Trusted con Confianza Certification)

Tips for Certification

Filling out your application

  • Choosing your organization

    • laity should choose their church

    • clergy should choose their district as their organization

  • References:

    • One reference will automatically be sent to your senior pastor or the designated person for your organization's account (check with your organization if you are unsure of who this is)

    • Applicant will need to provide 2 additional references:

      • 1 personal or vocational reference

      • 1 clergy reference (other than your senior pastor, or the clergy administrating your organization's account), or another vocational reference.

    • Alert your references and encourage them to watch for an e-mail from Safe Gatherings. The reference will only take 2-3 minutes of their time.

  • Cost: The conference is subsidizing the application fee and a portion of the background fee. Therefore individuals or their church are asked to pay $10 towards the background check fee. If an individual will be driving vulnerable persons, individuals or their church are asked to pay an additional $10.50 for the driver record check. The total cost to an individual and/or their church is either $10 or $20.50.

Completing the certification process quickly:

Applicants should:

  1. Take the Safe Gatherings training as soon as possible upon application submission

  2. Inform their references so they will be responsive to calls and/or emails from Safe Gatherings.

  3. Verify the references contact information as up to date and current.

  4. Monitor progress by logging into their Safe Gatherings account

Church leadership should:

  1. Make sure staff and volunteers understand the 3 step certification process

  2. Check their church's Safe Gatherings account regularly to monitor progress of their ministry leaders

  3. Respond to any reference requests from Safe Gatherings as soon as possible (references take an average of 2-3 minutes to complete)