Peace with Justice Sunday

Moved by Christ’s love to pursue reconciliation and peace, honoring the dignity of every individual made in God’s image, The United Methodist Church is unwilling to turn a blind eye to injustice. Although you, and possibly even your congregation, may lack the resources alone to effect change in a broken world, your giving is vital for the UMC to continue its global ministries of reconciliation. Because of the Peace with Justice Sunday offering, the people of The United Methodist Church are able to make a difference together by sowing seeds—and yielding fruit! —of peace.

Promote the Peace with Justice offering on June 11th or as scheduled by your local church

Half of the offerings collected go to support Peace with Justice Grants administered by the General Board of Church and Society. To learn more about these grant opportunities, go to Our own Austin Region Justice for Our Neighbors immigration ministry, which is housed at Parker Lane UMC was awarded a $5,000 grant in 2016. 

Austin Region Justice For Our Neighbors – Parker lane UMC, Austin

Rio Texas Conference has almost 400 miles of border area and among the 75 poorest counties in the U.S. are found in this Conference, Starr, Maverick, Willacy, La Salle, Dimmit, Hidalgo, Zavala, Brooks, Zapata, Bee, Webb, Cameron. 9% of the poorest counties in the USA are within the Rio Texas Conference and the issue of immigration and representation is an overwhelming aspect of our daily living. In December 2014, ARJFON became the Unaccompanied Minor expertise hub for the entire United Methodist network thanks to a jump-start from an UMCOR grant. With this grant, they will continue to care for the individual needs of immigrants and their families.

The remaining half of offerings collected stay within the Rio Texas Conference to support Peace with Justice ministry projects in our midst. February 2018, the Transforming Communities Vision Team will provide your church with information on grant opportunities as well as seeking to learn about the great work you are doing in your communities. 

Go to to download offering promotional materials.