Update: Mount Wesley User Survey Closed

We are no longer accepting survey responses at this time. Thank you for your participation and interest. 

From Bill Knobles, President, Rio Texas Conference Board of Trustees

Dear Friends:

The Board of Trustees of the Rio Texas Conference is tasked with the oversight of Mt. Wesley. We have been diligently working this past year to assess the property and then plan repairs and improvements that will facilitate ministry over the long term.   It will be enormously helpful if you would take some of your valuable time to complete this survey. We need to establish some baselines for the property and there is no better way to do so than to ask the people who have most recently used Mt. Wesley.

Not everyone will have had the same experience and that makes it important that we please get as many responses to this survey as possible. It is also important that you be candid with your answers. We want to hear the good and the not so good. If you want to send the questionnaire in anonymously, that is fine with us. At the end of the survey, we will ask for optional contact information if you are willing to allow us to contact you for further discussion.   

We thank you in advance for your help. The Trustees are absolutely committed to the restoration of Mt. Wesley, and the preservation of the traditions and the ministries that Mt. Wesley is known for. Your response will certainly help us do so.  We ask that you share this email with others. 

Please click here to access the Mt. Wesley User Survey


Bill Knobles
Rio Texas Conference Board of Trustees