Can People Find Your Church?

The Rio Texas Media Center has been encouraging local churches to make sure they have a modern, up-to-date, website to serve as a modern "front door" for people looking for a church. If your church is not there yet, I hope you will take advantage of a free an easy way to make sure your church can be found.

United Methodist Communication's "Find A Church" platform is a free resource that allows every United Methodist Church to have a presence on the web. It also lists your church in the "Find A Church" portal meaning that you can be found by people searching for a church through and

The good news is that your church already has a listing. The question is "Is your church information correct and up to date?" Why not find out today? Go to "Find A Church" and enter your church's city, town or zip code. Make sure all of your information is up to date. You can also customize your welcome message and add more detailed information about your church. There are even places to add photos, show your social media links and list your events and activities.

Does your church already have a web page? It is still important to update your "Find A Church" page. When people find your church through or, their first stop will be your "Find A Church" page. Make sure it is up to date and has the correct link to your website.

Need help? Watch this short video on updating your "Find A Church" page.