Healthy Church Initiative         

 How many professions of faith did your home church record this past year? When was the last time that there was an adult baptism in your local church?  How many new faces do you see every Sunday?  How many of those new faces become a part of your congregation?  Do you have a Discipleship Pathway in which members of your church grow in their faith?  Do you have a leadership plan in which you train new people to do kingdom work alongside you or do you end up just switching hats and have the same group of people do all of the work? Over the last ten years, have you noticed an increase or a decrease in attendance in your worship service(s)?  

If you would like to address any of these concerns, and your average worship attendance is above 75, you are a candidate for the Healthy Church Initiative.  For more information contact the Rev. Karen Horan, Director of Congregational Vitality for more information.  Her contact number is (210) 408-4506.

Sample Healthy Church Initiative Report

Healthy Church Initiative Self Study

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This resource will give you insight into your local community.  The Mission Vitality Center will create a customized 3, 4 or 5 mile radius study completed for you and your leadership to better understand the community you serve in the name of Jesus Christ.  Know your mission field with current information that will inform and transform your outreach.            
Find out about your neighborhood’s significant indicators of religious beliefs, preferences and practices – beliefs about God; beliefs about Jesus; presence of “nones;” beliefs about social and moral issues; significance of faith to life; life concerns; media preference; and religious preferences.
 Discover community growth rates, diversity percentages, and much, much more.  This tool, paid for by your church apportionment, is available to all churches in the Rio Texas Conference! Order your Missioninsite Report today by contacting Shelly Kennerdell in the Mission Vitality Center at (210)408-4514 or register for Mission Insite Reports by clicking the link below.


                        What is the mission of Readiness 360?

  • To help churches multiply their kingdom impact with their mission field.

  • To elevate the expectation that all churches can multiply their ministry and impact.

  • To provide tools which improve the sustainability and success rate of new churches, campuses and faith communities.

  • To support coaches, consultants and judicatory leaders in taking faith communities to the next level of engagement and multiplication.