Director of Youth Faith Formation


In partnership with the members, staff and Pastor of the church, the Director of Youth Faith Formation identifies, meets and nurtures the spiritual needs of the youth (grades 7-12) and partners with the Children’s Faith Formation Director to meet & nurture the spiritual needs of Club 56 (grades 5-6) This position reports to the Senior Pastor.

1. Pray for the church.
2. Plan youth worship experiences weekly, teaching and modeling behavior in worship.
3. Build relationships with the youth and their parents by providing opportunities to lead in
various settings such as worship and congregational activities.
4. Adequately provide adult supervision and transportation in all youth activities to remain in
compliance with the Child and Youth Safety Policy.
5. Assist Children’s Faith Formation Director and Sunday School teachers as necessary.
Coordination and promotion of all youth Sunday School Classes.
6. Organize and attend mission opportunities such as U.M. Army, UMYIM, Neighbor-2-Neighbor,
and local service projects (MOST, Capital Area Food Bank).
7. Coordinate and convene regular meetings of the Student Leadership Team to plan Youth
Worship and select youth to lead elements of youth gatherings.
8. Coordinate and communicate youth activity through newsletter, email updates, phone calls,
social media, website and bulletin boards. Foster communication by attending staff meetings,
committee and Administrative Council meetings.
9. Organize groups to attend midwinter and summer camps together, insuring adequate adult
supervision. Encourage youth participation in Chrysalis and other spiritual retreats.
10. Maintain current files with emergency medical information and consent forms for all youth in program. Ensure that all adult sponsors and volunteers have consented to a criminal
background check and that all provisions of the church’s Child and Safety Policy are being
adhered to at all times.
11. Maintain contact with the youth and their parents to cultivate a loving relationship. Attend
outside youth events, such as sporting events, concerts or performances. Visit youth in their
homes, schools and jobs. Maintain close parental contact in order to maintain and foster
communication and trust.
12. Recruit, train and support leaders, sponsors and volunteers. Attend training and continuing
education opportunities to improve job knowledge and skills.
13. Be a change agent and readily adaptable.
14. Fulfill any other duties that might be assigned by the Sr. Pastor.

College Degree required. Highly encourage CPR Certification.
• Must have a minimum of 2-3 years experience in a medium size church as Youth Director or
Youth Pastor.
• The Director of Youth Faith Formation must have Bible knowledge and be firmly grounded in
the purpose of God’s church.
• Must be a dedicated Christian leader, above reproach, maintaining a good reputation in the
local church and community of Dripping Springs.
• Must have good organizational skills, facilitation skills, and communication skills. Must have
the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, prioritize and delegate as needed.
• Must be an enthusiastic Team Player.
• Must be teachable, adaptable, and willing to learn and grow.
• Must be proficient in computer skills including, word processing, spreadsheets, databases,
graphics etc.
• Must have excellent interpersonal skills, as this is a highly relational position.
• Must be able to drive a car or bus in order transport youth as necessary while maintaining a
good driving record.
• Must be able to pass a Criminal Background check.

Must be able to type; communicate verbally on the phone and in person. Ability to stand for
prolonged periods of time, sit for prolonged periods of time and walk for prolonged periods of time.
Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.

This is a salaried, minimum 30-hour a week position. Compensation is as follows:
• Salary dependent on experience
• Insurance commensurate with DSUMC policy for employees
• Vacation and personal days as outlined in the DSUMC employee handbook
• 9 paid holidays
Please email your resume & cover letter to