Camping and Retreats Director

Next Generation Ministries of Greater New Jersey, Inc.
We cultivate and catalyze new generations of enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ that connect, engage and lead in their congregations and communities to transform the world.

Position Description
Title: Camping and Retreats Director Supervisor: Executive Director of Next Generation Ministries

Position Summary and Objective
The Camping and Retreats Director leads all camping and retreats programs and initiatives. The Director provides vision and direction to staff and volunteers, leading them to be increasingly effective in providing world-class camps, conferences and retreats experiences in alignment with the NextGen strategic priorities and goals. The Director brings energy, a heart for ministry, inspiring leadership and the ability to attract a growing number of groups and individuals to utilize Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery and Aldersgate Center.

As a result of this position, the following will occur;
● Enthusiastic new generations of disciples of Jesus Christ who connect, engage and lead in their congregations and communities are being cultivated.
● An expanding menu of innovative and life-changing camping and retreat experiences are offered throughout the year at Pinelands and Aldersgate.
● A wide variety of races and ethnicities make use of Pinelands and Aldersgate, both separately and together.
● The staff teams at Pinelands and Aldersgate are enthusiastically aligned with the vision of NextGen and performing their responsibilities with high-levels of effectiveness and satisfaction.
● NextGen camping and retreats ministries grow by an appropriate goal set for each year.
● Pinelands and Aldersgate programs have a 90% or better service rating from students, parents, youth leaders and volunteers and other stakeholders.
● NextGen camping ministry is financially sustainable.

Key Accountabilities
1. Work in consultation with the NextGen Executive Director and the Staff Action Team to implement the NextGen camping strategic plan.
2. Inspire and lead the camping staff with excellence in alignment with the mission, vision and values of NextGen.
3. In collaboration with the NextGen Executive Director and the Camps Operations Director, develop and implement a business plan for camping ministries, including a yearly operational budget that promotes regenerative financial sustainability.
4. In collaboration with the NextGen Executive Director, develop and promote multi-layered and integrated fundraising processes to ensure sufficient revenue for the growth and functioning of camps.
5. Lead the development, implementation and expansion of camping and retreats programs and other innovative initiatives in alignment with the NextGen goals and strategic priorities.
6. Manage the hiring, training and ongoing development of program staff at Pinelands and Aldersgate
7. Oversee the development and implementation of an aggressive and comprehensive weekly sales and marketing plan that invites leaders, parents, youth, congregations, GNJ mission partners, conference staff, and the annual conference to enjoy the benefits and invest in a retreat or camp at Pinelands or Aldersgate and grows bookings and revenues by an appropriate goal set for each year.
8. Cultivate and develop a web of connection among churches and leaders who are champions of Pinelands and Aldersgate.

● Christ-centered and Christ-like
● Vision and heart for camping ministry, particularly with the next generation
● Missional and theological alignment with the Wesleyan tradition
● Active participation in a local church
● Open to listening and learning from the faith experiences of others with different theological views;
● Accepting and inclusive of people of other races and cultures
● Punctual
● Unifying & Joyful in spirit
● A self-starter
● Cooperative, collaborative, and committed to the vision, mission, beliefs and values of NextGen
● A person of moral integrity and strong work ethic committed to excellence

● Ability to motivate and influence people to achieve positive results
● Ability to organize and complete complex projects with short deadlines
● Ability to work with and manage a variety of tasks at the same time
● Comfortable and confident interacting with diverse groups of youth, young adults, parents, clergy and laity.
● An effective communicator - both written and oral
● Proficiency with Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook)
● Financial and Business Plan execution

Organizational Ability
• Planning with the end result in mind
● Ability to effectively lead cross functional teams
● Effective and efficient in performing administrative tasks
● Timely in completing tasks
● Proactive and follow through

● Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
● Camp Leadership / Certification preferred

● Five or more years in a camp/conference or similar work environment
● Proven experience in management and marketing
● Experience working with students of varied ages
● Knowledge of and skill in leadership development, evaluation, organization, and human resources
● Experience working with a variety of cultures

Travel: The position requires some travel within the Greater New Jersey region. The NextGen Camping Director works from the camp offices located at the Pinelands Center at Mt. Misery, Browns Mills, NJ

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