Harry denman, a stewart of evangelism. 

Harry denman, a stewart of evangelism. 

Too often, the vital contributions of ordinary people are overlooked.  The Foundation for Evangelism has the privilege of recognizing the ministry of everyday evangelists through The Harry Denman Evangelism Award.  This prestigious award celebrates the personal evangelism of United Methodist Clergy, Laity and Youth, who make a difference in the lives of people, the church and the community. 

We are appreciative of your efforts as Annual Conference leaders to select exceptional people who possess a passion to help bring others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Thank you for helping us to enable The United Methodist Church to fulfill its mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world" by lifting up those who are living the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations".  (Matthew 28:19 RSV)

The Harry Denman Evangelism Award recognizes an outstanding pastor, lay person and youth from an Annual Conference.  Conference leaders are invited and encouraged to seek out and nominate persons who have a passion for helping others experience God's transforming love through Jesus Christ, and then to select an honoree in each of the three service categories.

Recent Denman Award honorees have included a high school senior from Arkansas Conference who directs a ministry feeding meals to the poor; a cancer survivor from Great Plains Conference who walks neighborhoods in prayer; and an 80 year old minister from Holston Conference whose continuing service includes mentoring current and future pastors.  Honorees have been involved in ministries ranging from food pantries to suicide prevention, disaster cleanup to campus outreach, and Bible studies to overseas missions.  

The Foundation for Evangelism recognizes that the demands to prepare for Annual Conference grow each year and presentation time may be limited.  We strive to make the Harry Denman Evangelism Award process streamlined for your use.The Harry Denman Evangelism Awards nomination packets may be downloaded from The Foundation for Evangelism website (www.FoundationForEvangelism.org) or you may receive a packet in the mail by calling (800) 737-8333.  Included are nomination forms for each award that you may modify for use on your Conference website, an insert for your Annual Conference or church newsletter, and a brochure.

Deadline for nominations: May 1, 2015

Download Nomination Material:

Conference Office Checklist 
Harry Denman Evangelism Award Brochure   
Newsletter Insert 
Clergy Nomination Form  
Laity Nomination Form  
Youth Nomination Form  

Once chosen, please send a completed nomination form for each of your conference recipients - Youth, Clergy and Lay - to The Foundation for Evangelism by email, fax or USPS four weeks in advance of your Annual Conference so that the certificates can be inscribed and returned to you for presentation during Annual Conference or other event.  To assist in your efforts, you will find a list of previous recipients in your Annual Conference by clicking here .

If you are not the person in your conference responsible for this selection process, please forward this information to the correct person and/or call Mary Burgin, toll-free at 800-737-8333 (or email to mburgin@FoundationForEvangelism.org), with the correct name, address, and email of the contact person.

Thank you for your leadership and partnership as we continue to celebrate generations of United Methodist leaders with a passion for evangelism.