Membership to Discipleship

Personal Transformation Precedes Corporate Transformation

 What if our congregations could make a radical impact upon their community by radically impacting the lives of her members? What would we look like to one another and to our communities if we took the next step and moved from membership to discipleship?  Would our churches be more vital, more effective, more transforming if were more than just members?  What if we were truly disciples living lives honoring God in the ways we worked, played and engaged others? What if we were intentionally building relationships in order to be Christ to someone? What would our impact be like if we were giving hope and guidance for someone else on their faith walk, helping them move toward maturity?

You got a mere taste of Phil Maynard at Annual Conference.  Now you can sit down and have a full banquet experience of him as we travel to your district in the months of September and October.  You will walk away with an understanding of how you will lead your congregation in the utilization of the Membership to Discipleship process.  I believe that as pastors and lay leaders, this is exactly what we have been waiting for to help us lead our people to make disciples for Jesus Christ and for the transformation of the world. 


All workshops will be from 9AM - 4PM.  Lunch provided by your District.  Workshop teaching/learning materials are furnished by your Conference.  For the purpose of lunch count and materials, please register with your district office!   

Membership to Discipleship workshops with Phil Maynard
September 1 -El Valle ( location: 1st UMC Harlingen)
September 2 – Coastal Bend  (location: St. John’s UMC, Corpus Christi)
September 3 – Crossroads (location: 1st UMC Gonzales )
September 28 – Las Misiones (location: Northern Hills UMC, San Antonio)
September 29 – Capital (location: Northwest Hills UMC, Austin)
September 30 - Hill Country (location: 1st UMC, Johnson City)
October 1 – West (location: 1st UMC San Angelo)