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Learning the Way Webinar Series

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Teaching/Learning for Transformation
An Online Teaching/Learning Experience
September 14; September 28; October 12
6:30 PM—8:30 PM (Central Daylight Time)
Audience:       Teachers of Children’s Classes and Small Groups
Limit:               24 Children’s Teachers or Small Group Leaders
Facilitators:       Barbara Bruce, Charles R. Foster, Melanie Gordon, Carol F. Krau
You enjoy working with children. You want children to be people of faith. You want children to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. But how does that happen? And what if you don't think you have the knowledge or skills needed for such important work? And even if you’re willing to give it a try, how will you find the time to learn, plan, or prepare?

Discover the basics for how children learn, how to plan effectively, and how to create sacred space in which children experience the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ and find ways to respond as disciples! Join an online learning community that shares your passion for children’s faith formation and that will encourage you as you develop and deepen the skills you need for teaching for transformation.
What This Experience Includes
    Session 1: Creating a Learning Community (online)
    Session 2: Planning for Learning (online)
    Homework (with your class or small group)
    Session 3: Evaluation and Feedback (online)
How You Will Benefit:

Receive practical tools for teaching
Develop your ability to customize learning for class/group members
Participate in a community for support, encouragement, and mutual learning
Gain confidence in your ability to teach effectively
Recognize and claim your role as partner with God in faith formation

Registration Deadline: September 9, 2015

For more information, contact Carol F. Krau at
You can find descriptions of these webinars, as well as registration information, at The webinars are offered free of charge through your support of the World Service Fund.