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Ministry Milestones Children's Webinar

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6:30pm – 7:30pm CDT

One way we celebrate how God is at work in children's lives is by recognizing the many milestones and essential faith moments that children experience throughout their lives. As some children have described - these "markers" help affirm who they are as children of God and help them claim how God is actively present in all they do. When families and their church congregation take time to celebrate a child's milestone, they are telling the child: "You matter to us." This helps build community and affirms God's presence in the child's life. This ministry is important both in the home and in the church.

Creating a forum for sharing "best practices," this interactive webinar will provide children's ministry leaders, families, pastors, and other interested people an opportunity to share and glean insight, wisdom, and ideas from one another. Join us as we discover ways to celebrate the children in our community throughout their entire faith journey.  

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