A Challenge Course provides a fun hands on adventure experience for groups wanting to grow both as individuals and as groups. Challenge courses are a series of outdoor activities made of wood, logs, rope, and cable and located in wooded areas. Groups of 8 to 15 people work together as a group to devise, organize, and execute a plan to accomplish a task given to them by a trained facilitator. Each activity and task is game-like in nature and each offers different challenges to the group. The physical, mental and emotional challenges offer a very unique and fun learning experience with applications
that go beyond the challenge course setting.

What can you gain?

Participants will have the opportunity to develop or improve the following interpersonal skills: 

•     Communication
•     Leadership
•     Problem solving cooperation

Who Would Benefit From Accepting The Challenge?

The young in years and the young at heart (from 5th grade on) will benefit from a challenge course. Educational organizations, church groups, civic groups and businesses and any other group interested in improving interpersonal skills and promoting group morale and a sense of camaraderie. Most activities do involve some physical challenges. However all activities are structured so that the challenges are appropriate for the age and physical abilities of each group. Safety, regardless of age, is always a prime consideration.

Time and Cost

There are several ways the Mount Wesley Challenge Course can accommodate your group to give you the best challenge course experience. From an hour of games and initiatives to an all day event, the amount of time depends on the objectives and needs of each group. Cost is variable, depending on length of time, accommodations, length of stay and meals.