What's Next?

The day started with much excitement with the election of Bishop Ruben Saenz and it has been a little slower since. Bishop Saenz was elected on the third ballot. We are now on ballot number 11 and we have not elected a second bishop.

Delegate Jason Valendy posted this great line chart on Twitter that shows the voting in graphic form. It is one ballot behind but it will give you an idea. You can see Bishop Saenz reaching the election threshold and then dropping to zero after being elected.

During each ballot, delegates cast as many votes as there are open positions. In other words, when no bishops had been elected, delegates voted for three candidates. After Bishop Saenz was elected, they began voting for two. The number of votes needed for election is 60% plus one of the total vote count. As you can see, Rev. Dr. Jimmy Nunn, from the Northwest Texas Conference is getting close, receiving 107 votes in the last ballot. 128 were needed in during that ballot.

More results soon.