Wellness Education

Through our recent clergy wellness survey, clergy revealed they would be interested in learning more about wellness subjects such as burnout, stress management, finding balance, managing conflict, and so forth. Knowledge Clergy participating in a workshop, webinar, or training lasting a minimum of three hours designed to educate on care for mental and emotional wellness will qualify as an exercise to care for the mind. Any training event led by a licensed or certified facilitator that offers subject matter, instructions, strategies, skills or training for obtaining wellness will be accepted. Some examples would be workshops on subjects such as stress management, relaxation techniques, finding balance in life and ministry, dealing with anxiety and depression, healthy relationships, pastoral ethics, boundaries, etc.

To select this option, complete the start-up questionnaire form and choose this option from the mental/emotional wellness pull-down list. Then Select from the list of workshops presented in the website, or to verify if a workshop will qualify for mental wellness, please contact Eve Albert at 408-4500, ext. 551. Register and attend the workshop. Upon completion of the event, complete an evaluation form in which you will be asked to tell how the event has impacted your mental/emotional wellness and what you will do differently as a result of having participated. To request a scholarship, submit a receipt for your registration or show an invoice. To receive the $50.00 incentive for participation you must submit your proof of attendance. Once you complete your activity period, please complete the final reporting form to receive your incentive.

Recommended Resources:

The Ecumenical Center for Education Counseling & Health (San Antonio Area)

(Go to:  http://www.ecrh.org/ to see available program offerings and dates)

The Ecumenical Center collaborates with many organizations to provide quality, educational workshops designed to strengthen the community’s care providers. Laredo and Rio Grande Valley Classes (bilingual options) The Ecumenical Center offers the Specialty in Pastoral Counseling course and community-based workshops for clergy and lay leaders in the Rio Grande Valley. These programs were created especially with and for Latino and Latina pastors of South Texas. Pastors taking these courses will receive credit for participation in the Wellness program.

Here are some of the programming offerings for the Ecumenical Center:

Monthly Speaker Series
A series of monthly workshops led by nationally-recognized speakers covering a range of topics of interest that offer education and techniques to help achieve mental and emotional care.

The Open Arts Studio/Art Therapy Training Series

This offers wellness care for the mind emotions through art therapy. The “Art Heals Hearts” program is a celebration of the power of art to facilitate healing and impact the lives of artist and audiences. This includes arts, music, and poetry writing as approaches to healing for the mind and emotions.

Wu Ji Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation
Practice of the ancient Chinese are that cultivates vital energy and calms the mind. This is a gentle practice that aligns the body, breath, and mind.

Pastoral Counseling Assistance
The Ecumenical Center offers counseling assistance and training on pastoral counseling techniques.

The Samaritan Center (Austin Area)

(Go tohttp://samaritan-center.org/services/ to see available dates and program offerings)

Wesley Nurse Ministries
(Contact the Wesley Nurse in your area to learn of wellness education opportunities)

Contact the Leadership Vitality office if you have a question about a wellness education program that you want to participate in.