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A quick tutorial on filling in your site and page descriptions on your Squarespace website. These simple steps will help to improve your search engine rankings helping your church become easier to find online.

A quick tutorial on how to adjust, change, and rearrange your navigation bar on your Squarespace Website

A brief tutorial on adding a calendar item to your Squarespace website. Specially designed for users of the Squarespace for Churches program.

Learn how to make the images on your Squarespace website click through to extenal web pages, other pages on your site, and even downloadable content.

Use Canva, a free image creation and manipulation platform to edit and prepare images for upload to your Squarespace gallery.

A brief tutorial on how to add text links to external websites, other pages on your site and downloadable content to your Squarespace website.

"What Does Your Church Believe?" on
"Barriers to Visiting a Church" on


The easy to use, free, online image editor:
For information on getting their premium service for free, check out:

Photography Help
How to take great photos—even on your cell phone - TEDBlog - 
Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide - lifehacker -
Intro to Photography Class (Better known as Reddit Photoclass) - 

Image Optimization
12 Common Image Formatting Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website - Canva Design School - 
Download Time Calculator - See how long your images will take to download - - You can make your images even smaller without losing quality -


Find A Church -
Maintained by United Methodist Communications - Go here and make sure your church information is correct and update it if necessary.

Events Pages and Calendar Blocks -
More information on using the calendar feature in Squarespace