What We Do

For most of history, the African American Christian church has been the community center for spiritual formation, social justice, missions, critical communication, and political awareness and action. The church was THE PLACE to go FIRST when there was a need. Over time, the identity and vitality of the United Methodist Church has diminished in many communities.

To address the need to support and revitalize historic and predominantly African American Unit-ed Methodist congregations across the Rio Texas Annual Conference, the Leadership Vitality Office of the Mission Vitality Center, has joined with “Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century”, a program of the General United Methodist Church (sbc21.org), to organize the Rio Texas Black Church Development Design Team. The Design Team gives leadership in bringing a great-er vitality and missional effectiveness by advocating for change and inviting Black churches to participate in the SBC21 process.


Strengthening historical or predominately black churches by equipping leaders with strategies and resources for greater missional effectiveness.


Vital congregations reaching diverse communities, addressing needs and making disciples of Jesus Christ.