May 9 / Day -1

This is happening! I will spare you the ridiculous drama of the past day, deciding what to pack and which bag to pack it in, which shoes will keep my cantankerous feet happy. I will tell you that I already know I left both my computer power cord and my distance glasses at home. So that means the only screen I'll have to look at is my phone!  Sounds manageable to me. 

As I covertly, surreptitiously scope out my fellow travelers on the flight from DFW to Portland, I note that I'm the only one I can see who brought the enormous books of legislation (Advance Daily Christian Advocate, Volume 2, Sections 1, 2 and 4) on the plane to study.  Everyone else is clicking and tapping and swiping away at their tablets and small, manageable laptops. I just haven't downloaded it yet. On my computer with no power cord. Plus I like paper and making notes and such. I know you can do that electronically too--I'm just still old school about that. Just like Bible apps are good for looking up passages, but not if I want to flip back and forth and spend some time. 

I'm guessing half this plane is probably United Methodist. I did meet up with one old friend from my Tucson days back at the gate before we boarded. But others seem to be mostly keeping to themselves, from what I can see. Maybe conserving energy for the work to come. 

I saw gorgeous mountains out the window, including Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helens. 

And upon arrival, I see the enormous trees, feel the cool air, and hope for our time to come.