In September 2015, the Rio Texas Conference announced that they received a grant from UMCOR to hire case managers and help victims of the Memorial Day and All Saints Day 2015 floods that devastated areas around the Blanco River region in Central Texas. 

The case managers worked from Martindale United Methodist Church. Over the past year, they have met with victims and have assisted the Blanco River Regional Recovery Team. Below are some of the flood victims' stories and how UMCOR was able to help. 

Volunteers and Mission Teams are still needed. If you, your family or your church group want to help, please contact BR3T directly at 

Maggie Warner, resident of Guadalupe County and member of Martindale United Methodist Church, watched the 2015 Memorial Day flood as it destroyed her retaining wall. Listen to her story about how churches came to help. 

Michelle Nichols’ home in Redwood, TX was completely destroyed by the Memorial Day 2015 floods. After realizing FEMA would not be able to cover the costs, she went on Facebook and found UMCOR. Rio Texas Disaster Response Case Managers were able to help her find the help she needed to rebuild her home. Watch and listen to her story. 

Danet and her family were living in a small mobile home for six months in the aftermath of the Memorial Day 2015 Floods. After gathering materials for building their new home, the All Saints Day 2015 Flood washed away all of those materials. Rio Texas UMCOR Case Managers were there by her side and helped her find the current home she lives in now.